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Meet our Chiropractor!

Dr. Laleh Maroufi specializes in functional neurology and has extensive experience treating knee & shoulder dysfunctions. She is an evidence-based chiropractor and follows the latest research to provide the most up to date treatments. She is also a registered nutritionist, certified in advanced medical nutrition and sports performance nutrition which she uses to provide adjunctive care to common medical conditions, weight loss management & sports performance advice. 


• Doctor of Chiropractic 

• Registered orthomolecular nutritionist 

• Trigenics certified: Functional myoneurology treatment method 

• Acupuncture Provider—western (neurofunctional) acupuncture 

• Webster technique certified 

• Member, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association 

• Yoga Teacher 

Services Available

Chiropractic Care 

• Functional neurology for knee & shoulder dysfunction 

• Motor Vehicle Accident & Workplace Injuries 

• Acupuncture- western (neurofunctional) medicine 

• Gait Scan & Orthotics 

• Nutrition appointment as a registered nutritionist 

• Virtual Condition Specific Yoga 

• Kinesiotaping 

• Weight loss management 

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